Since version 0.9345 a mini-game can be played. First in Swordfish Tavern but now it is in a dedicated room called Alezios Game. The Entrance to this room is in Plimouth near Alezio. It does not matter which server you are on. Alezios Game is shared among all servers.
Alezio's Game

Alezio's Game entrance

Reachable from: Leads to: Reachable after: Unreachable after: Item Equipped:
Plimouth Room 1 Complete quest The Relic.

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Dialog of Alezio regarding this game

Welcome to my Game!

Use the letters to create a phrase, and then vote!

Each game is 5 rounds, at the end of the game the winner gets Gold or EXP!

The aim of the game

  • There are 5 rounds.
  • In each round you must:
    • Create a sentence, using the provided letters (in that order)
    • Vote for the best sentence
    • You get points, based on the number of votes and how quickly you entered your answer.
  • At the end of the 5 rounds, the player who got the most points wins either 10 Gold or Experience (333 times your current level.)

Rules of the game

See also this forum thread.

Breaking any of these rules will lead to a ban. (As any part of the game, never break the ToS)

Written rules

  • Keep your answers clean (no swearing, being rude, etc)
  • No Cheating (no getting friends/alts to vote for you)

Unwritten rules

  • Answers must be in English
  • Do not advertise your own answer
  • Don't use phrases that are against the ToS
  • Do not enter gibberish
  • Do not enter single letters only
  • Do not use acronyms