• Quartic

    Review: Summer Pirate

    February 24, 2011 by Quartic

    Let me start with the reason most players will start using a Summer Pirate - Treasure Hunter; Booty Boost; and most importantly, Golden Eyes. These three skills each increase the chance of looting an item or weapon from a battle, starting with a 50% boost for Treasure Hunter, and increasing to a 200% boost with Golden Eyes at level 100 (with 100 Summer levels).

    The loot bonuses aren't the only reason to use a Summer Pirate however. With good attack and luck, he can be a decent damage dealer. He is able to use powerful single targeting weapons like Machetes and Swords and can also use both splash-type weapons - Grenades and Blunderbusses.

    In the skills department, the Summer Pirate still has places it shines. Posh Bliss casts Euphoria on all …

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