Level Cap

On Sep 13 2010, the following global announcement was made:

  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Does catching up to the top 3 seem impossible?
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Not anymore, there is now a level cap.
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) The cap will be set at 425, and will raise everytime new areas are added

With the release of the Plimouth Island the cap was raised for the first time.

On 16 May 2011 the following dialog was shown in the ingame chat:

  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) hi
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) I
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) would
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) just
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) like
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) to
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) tell
  • Moderator: (from The Level Cap) you
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) banned The Level Cap for flooding the chat

So most likely the level cap has been lifted till further notice.

Experience Share Equation

Total XP for each battle is calculated according to how many people are in a battle and what is the base XP for the battle the players are in. It is no longer calculated according to player level.The experience earned by a character on a battle is given by:

$ Earned XP = BaseXP \times \underbrace{ \left ( \frac{50 + AmountOfPlayersInBattle}{50} \right ) }_{Amount\ of\ players\ bonus} \times \underbrace{ \left ( \frac{100 + 15 \times \sqrt{\left ( \frac{GuidPointsAchieved}{GuildPointsToBeAchieved} \right ) }}{100} \right ) }_{Guild\ achievements\ bonus}\,\! $

Note that a player gets between 102%-128.8% of the base EXP.

(the base EXP of all the battles can be found in the Complete Battle Info page)

On 3 Jul 2011, the following announcements were made ingame:

  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Update details: You now get an EXP boost depending on how many Guild Achivement points you have.
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Get into a Guild and complete the achievements..... the more achievements you complete, the more EXP you'll get in battles
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) To clarify: More Guild Achievement Points = More EXP bonus from battles... stacks with events, items, etc...

At this moment the GuildPointsToBeAchieved = 5321 and the boost can get up to 15%

Experience Equations

Total Experience

$ \frac{7}{3} level^3 - 2 \times level^2 + \frac{1}{3} level - 1 $

  • This might yield a fraction and must be rounded to get the XP value.

Experience to Next Level

$ 7 \times level^2 + 3 \times level $

  • Due to rounding issues, this equation will be wrong by 1XP when (level-1) is not divisible by 3.

Experience needed for what level

(Values between parenthesis are calculated values and need to be verified)