Fall Pirate
Fall Pirate
Pirates are everything you would expect them to be. Big personalities, greedy and half-cut.
The focus here is on damage and to a lesser, but still noticeable extent, creativity (the spark of genius/fire). Big single target damage and spells that focus on fire and pure stopping power.
Usable Inventory
Weapons, Female Head, Male Head, Female Clothing, Male Clothing
Type Hp Sp Att Def Res Agl Acc Lck
Starting Attributes 198 2600 7 5 3 7 5 6
Growth Rate 66 65 65 45 35 70 40 80
Attack Rate: 4.800
Skills (alternatively here)
Weapon Proficiency[1]
Axe Neg Blowgun Neg Blunderbuss StSt
Bomb St Book Neg Bow Neg
Club Neg Cutlass St Grenade St
Hand Cannon Cir Knife Neg Knuckles Neg
Machete Cir Musket Neg Sickle Neg
Staff Neg Sword Cir Tomahawk Neg
  1. Damage modifiers - (StStSt
    = +45%, StSt = +30%, St = +15%, Cir = +0%, Min = -50%, Neg = not usable)