Friends List

The friends list

The Friends List is a list of all your in-game friends. It contains information about their location, their level, their class (shown as an avatar next to their username) and their name.

Where to find the Friends List

The friends list can be accessed from the menu simply by clicking the appropriate button:


How to add a friend

Follow th eprevious steps to access your Friends List, and then press the 'Add Friend' button at the bottom of your Friends List. Then enter the name of the player you want to add.

Alternatively if you can see the player you wish to add, click their avatar, then the appropriate button in their player info box.

How to delete a friend

If you wish to remove someone from your friends list, follow the previous steps to access your friends list. Then find the person you want to remove from the list, and press the "X" next to their level.

Go to & Send PM buttons

The Friends List has two buttons below every friend. These are the 'Go To' button and the 'Send PM' button. Pressing the 'Go To' button teleports you to the location of the player you selected. Note that you cannot teleport to a player if they are inside a dungeon or at The Gauntlet.

The 'Send PM' button opens a new window with information about the player you selected, same to the window that pops up after clicking on someone's character. Next to that window, there will be a chat box; it's heading is 'Private Message'. You type whatever you want in the white bar and press enter, and the person you selected receives your message as a PM.