The Guild Room is an area reserved for guilds, only members of the same guild can enter the Guild Room of that guild. To access it the guild needs to have completed the "Kill 10 Bear Bulls (Lvl 3)" Guild Achievement.

Completing each of the following Guild Achievements will upgrade furniture inside. Complete all to get the complete set.

Guild Room

Guild Room

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Quest Questgiver Quest-Log Location Exp Gold Silver Item Misc
Jeeves & the Balemorne Jeeves Guild Room 15,000,000

Jeeves & the Bask Hound Jeeves Guild Room 500,000

Jeeves & the Bloat Jeeves Guild Room 10,000

Jeeves & the Flutter Jeeves No Guild Room 50,000

Jeeves & the Ghast Jeeves Guild Room 10,000,000

Jeeves & the Ghosts Jeeves Guild Room 5,000,000

Jeeves & the Robots Jeeves Guild Room 100,000

Jeeves & the Sewer Rats Jeeves Guild Room 200,000

Jeeves & the Tender Jeeves Guild Room 750,000

Jeeves & the Wasp Jeeves Guild Room 2,500,000

No known loot locations.