Option menu

The option menu can be opened from the main toolbar:


The options menu is divided into several sections:

Checkmark options

  • Play Sound: Enable/Disable SFX (Sound Effects)
  • Play BG Music: Enable/Disable background music.
  • Ignore All Friend Requests: When checked you do not get any popups for friend requests. This does not effect guild requests when you are guildless.
  • Ignore All PVP Requests: When checked you do not get any PvP/GvG requests.

Switch server

Allows you to select a server and switch to it. If you are inside a dungeon, you are transported outside the dungeon on the new server.


Will log you out of the game.

Re-lock a Class

The main reasons for re-locking a class are:

  • To start an alt on level 1 (again), to get some quick season levels
  • To make a class your main class, but you unlocked that class in the past. You re-lock it, so you can buy it again at the level of your main.

Once you have selected this option the following warning pops up:


If you press "I Understand" you get the following dialog:


You can select any class, except your current class. If you press "Re-lock Class" your selected class will be terminated.

(This does not effect any class-related items you bought. Once you unlock the class again, the items are back in your inventory, it also does not refund any Gold)


In the bottom right corner, you see the version number of the game. For a list of recorded versions see Changelogs.