This page will get expanded to describe all different ways of fighting against other players:

Players can engage in battles against each other in two ways. To start a PvP fight, click a player and select PVP. You will be given the choice to send a PVP or GVG request, which are explained below.


An example of GvG.


PvP, or Player vs Player, consists of the direct confrontation of two or more players. It works similar to fighting creatures. The battle is limited to 6 players in each side at any moment. Any player can join the fight and it's only over when everyone in either side dies. If players fall in battle, new players might join the fight. Therefore, fighting close to respawn points and in high level traffic areas is strongly discouraged. There is no monetary reward, but winners (and winning team joiners) gain Fame. This leads to baiting - a low level character initiates PvP, and as soon as the fight starts, a high level walks in and wipes the victim. Possible countermeasures are:

  • Wiping the low-level with a first strike high damage skill. This is highly improbable, as the bait is chosen to last a turn or two.
  • Stooping to baiting yourself. Your fame, your conscience and your honour.
  • Being less of a schmuck and telling characters 20-30 levels beneath your level to get lost, especially if the PvP request is made in a crowded area and / or you spot high levels loitering around.

The advance of multiaccounting also leads to feeders - throwaway characters created to duel Fame off and forget for good.

System level countermeasures would be:

  • Joining restrictions (as in "max X players in total may join each side").
  • Fame gain correlated to level difference.
  • Fame gain correlated to current Fame of the looser.


GvG, or Guild versus Guild, is a restricted form of PvP in which only two guilds can take part in. A GvG request made to a guild-less player will simply do nothing. The above paragraphs on baiting apply here as well.


Fame is used to award the winners of a player match. Both PvP and GvG will add or subtract fame points of the players. The more Fame Points you have, the better damage boost you'll get. The cap for the damage boost is 100 fame, which will give you a 10% damage bonus.

Fighting high level players will give more fame than fighting low level ones. Also, to prevent players from fighting friends or alts repeatedly for fame increases, the fame will not be modified if you execute the same fight two or more times per day. Fame also disappears 7 days after it was earned or lost.

High Scores

The fame highscores can be found here. (Top 20, last seven days)