Quest Information
Quest giver: AlezioAlezio gives

Alezio's Investigation
Sewer Mystery
Stop The Baron!
The Demon-Toad

Award giver: AlezioAlezio rewards after

Alezio's Investigation
Sewer Mystery
Stop The Baron!
The Chapel's Trap
The Demon-Toad
The Poisoned Bread

Quest giver location: Plimouth Award giver location: Plimouth
Pre-requirement(s):Complete The Cultist Robes
Complete The Relic
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:Curing the Ill
Needs to be completed for:Curing the Ill
Start DialogueThis document you retrieved says the town's children have been taken to their main farmland hideout, where they are to be... sacrificed!?

As a deputy to this investigation, you are obliged to investigate this report, and do everything in your power to rescue those kids.

In progress DialogueThis evidence may prove that the cult and the strange activity reported around the mansion are somehow linked!

By now they are probably well aware of the disturbances you have may have to be clever to sneak into the mansion unnoticed.

I will continue here with my investigation to see if there are any leads. With any luck, I can convince Rockwell to lend me some of his troops to provide backup.

End DialogueWe are grateful for your service to justice.

The name you claim the Baron uttered, are you sure it was 'Lady Stitch'?

(Alezio goes silent for a moment and possibly paler)

...then Seasons, save us all.

Sneak into the cultist's mansion base, confront the cult's leader and free the kidnapped children!
Free the 3 missing children
1 Inquisitor's Club, 1 Staff of Judgement
50 Experience
200 Silver