Summer Soldier
Summer Soldier
Soldiers are all about balance. They are the most well rounded in the game. Their skills center around attacks and simple buffs.
Summer is the most grounded of the four seasons. Their classes reflect protection and healing. They tend to focus on outlasting their opponents rather than killing them quickly.
Usable Inventory
Weapons, Female Head, Male Head, Female Clothing, Male Clothing
Type Hp Sp Att Def Res Agl Acc Lck
Starting Attributes 210 1800 7 7 2 4 5 4
Growth Rate 70 45 70 60 30 40 50 35
Attack Rate: 5.000
Skills (alternatively here)
Weapon Proficiency[1]
Axe Cir Blowgun Neg Blunderbuss Neg
Bomb Neg Book Neg Bow Neg
Club Cir Cutlass Neg Grenade St
Hand Cannon Cir Knife Cir Knuckles Cir
Machete Cir Musket StSt Sickle Neg
Staff Neg Sword St Tomahawk Neg
  1. Damage modifiers - (StStSt
    = +45%, StSt = +30%, St = +15%, Cir = +0%, Min = -50%, Neg = not usable)