Quest Information
Quest giver: Dalia (64)Dalia (64) gives

Curing the Ill
Deadly Fangs (Quest)
The Relic

Award giver: Dalia (64)Dalia (64) rewards after

Deadly Fangs (Quest)
The Relic

Quest giver location: Farmland Award giver location: Farmland
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:A Proper Introduction
Acerdentis (Quest)
Alezio's Investigation
Blue Pumpkin Harvest
Collect Cannonballs
Curing the Ill
Diaemus (Quest)
Et tu, Brutus
Find Charms
Find Dark Charms
Infested Silo
Johnny's Quest
Johnny's pre-Quest
Kwi-Kwiyai and Stiyaha
Lone Gunman
Master and Hound
Missing Husband
Razorclaw's Claw (Quest)
Rusty Swords
Soldiers Help 2
Soldiers Help 3
Spider Cults Cache
Stop The Baron!
Strange Reaction
The Chapel's Trap
The Claw of Carcinus
The Dockhand
The Old Almanac
The Poisoned Bread
The Puppeteer (Quest)
The Tavern's Side Door
Needs to be completed for:Thurgood's Confession
Start DialogueHelp! People in Plimouth are getting sick... But I'm not sure why!

I've heard reports of strange characters meeting in the Farmlands... Maybe that has something to do with it! Head south into the Farmlands, I'll meet you there!

In progress DialogueIf you can bring me something from inside this Spidery dungeon that could indicate the cause of this illness, I might be able to learn more! End Dialogue'Hmmm, this emblem feels like old dark magic. Even touching it feels like I'm running my hands over rotten meat. *shudders*

Perhaps Oliyha back in Plimouth would know more about this!

Return a Spider Emblem from the Spider Dungeon in the Farmlands to Dalia!
Return a Spider Emblem from the Spider Dungeon in the Farmlands to Dalia!
Unlocks Western Part of Plimouth, Swordfish Tavern, Alezio's Game, Rat's Den, Clarence's Barn, Church Dungeon. Redoubt, Thurgood Barn, Farmland Arena, Plimouth Arena, Native Trails and the Rainbow Islands
1 Spider Emblem
500 Experience
1,000 Silver
5 Gold