Quest Information
Quest giver: Lizzie (NPC)Lizzie (NPC) gives

Lizzie's Introduction
Strange Reaction
Supernatural Aid
The Shrine's History

Award giver: Lizzie (NPC)Lizzie (NPC) rewards after

Lizzie's Introduction
Strange Reaction
Supernatural Aid
The Shrine's History

Quest giver location: Plimouth West Award giver location: Plimouth West
Pre-requirement(s):Complete Supernatural Aid
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:Strange Reaction
Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueSpring, Summer, Fall, Winter...The Cycle is the force which turns and weaves the legends of this world, and the shrine built beneath our town countless eons ago is testament to its great influence.

Yet something happened long ago that shattered and diffused that immense power. The great civilization which built these temples and cities fell into decline, and their magic and enchantments were lost to the ages, until one day…

In progress DialogueLong ago a strange woman came and taught one of us some of the secrets of this old shrine…ever since, that secret knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation for the benefit of the colony. Those Guardians of the shrine's secrets are known as “Wardens”, and what little we understand has helped our colony prosper amidst dangers from the wilderness beyond our borders...well until recently, at least.

Oh...and check under that rock you touched earlier!

End DialogueOf course you can have it! I was saving all that for the day I met a real hero, and believe me...we could use one!

You may want to check in with Lewis in town. I'll bet he'd be impressed by the combat abilities of a real cycle hero. He claims to run an "Adventurers Society" but Rockwell also put him in charge of scouting out new mercenaries to help combat the monsters beyond may want to give it a try!

Lizzie reveals some of the shrine's history.
Learn about the history of the area from Lizzie.
100 Silver
25 Gold


You cannot start or complete this quest after you have finished the Baron Webb Quest.